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Flex Grip

The Boyesen Flex Grip System incorporates a patent pending Dura-Flex grip tube with a simple lock-on clamp for the ultimate in shock absorbing technology. The OFFROAD FLEX-GRIP design allows the left grip to “flex” forward and backward, reducing wrist strain, hand blistering, arm pump and fatigue. OFFROAD racers and enthusiasts can now endure more from the tracks and trail. LET THE FLEX-GRIP SYSTEM HANDLE THE IMPACT, NOT YOUR HANDS, WRISTS AND ARMS. FEATURES: MICRO DESIGN: Clean, compact and simple REDUCE: Arm pump and dampen vibration DECREASE: Shock and vibration fatigue DURABLE: Dura-Flex grip tube handles extreme abuse SCOTT QUALITY: Soft MXII grip come installed LOCK-ON: No modification required