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Rad Valve Replacement Reeds


Maximum Power is acheived by keeping your Boyesen Rad Valve equipped with fresh reeds. Boyesen Rad Valve Replacement Reeds are one of the critical aspects of why the Rad Valve works so well. In order to keep your Boyesen Rad Valve performing at peak capacity you will need to change the reeds at least 2 times per season depending on how much and how hard you ride. Boyesen Rad Valve Replacement Reeds feature a carbon-fiber top reed that has excellent response characteristics providing improved acceleration and stronger throttle response and are designed to operate specifically with the Rad Valve air intake system. Boyesen engineers craft and hand tension every Rad Valve Replacement Reed to work optimally with each respective parent Rad Valve assembly to create the performance advantage that the Rad Valve is known to produce.

Keep your Rad Valve optimized by inspecting and changing it’s reed frequently. The result… superior efficiency, peak horsepower gains, and acceleration for YOUR specific model machine. Each Boyesen RAD Valve is unique - tailor made to that model, year and displacement. Please double check our cross reference information to ensure that you order the correct Rad Valve Replacement Reeds for the proper Rad Valve in your machine.