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Carbon Tech - Moto Tass VF3 Replacement Reed


Boyesen’s Carbon Tech, Moto Tass VF Replacement reeds have been designed to fit the most popular Moto Tassinari intake systems and are the highest quality replacement reed petal option that you can buy. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Boyesen Carbon Tech Reeds are made from aerospace grade 100% carbon fiber containing the maximum number of carbon strands per square inch. The higher quantity carbon strand count, along with Boyesen’s proprietary make/model/year specific carbon layup process yields a replacement reed solution that lasts longer and gives better performance than the regular carbon used for most other replacement reed options on the market currently. The Boyesen Carbon Tech, Moto Tass VF Replacement reeds focus on increasing the level of reed reactivity while at the same time achieving a longer lifespan between wear-based reed change intervals. Boyesen Carbon Tech, Moto Tass VF Replacement Reeds are available for most motocross, offroad, and snowmobile applications from the early 1990s thru 2021. Boyesen Carbon Tech, Moto Tass custom-race, carbon VF Series replacement reed petals are crafted exclusively as a higher quality and longer lasting replacement alternative for the most popular Moto Tass reed valve systems.