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Posted Date: 2012-02-20
2012 Observed Trials Reeds Available - Download Application Guide
Boyesen Engineering is proud to formally announce our newly designed Trial-specific reed systems.
From wild to mild, from a stronger more broader power delivery, to a quicker and lighter rev; Boyesen brings 35 years of intake research and development to the unique requirements of Observed Trials. For 2012 Boyesen Engineering now brings Trial enthusiasts high-quality performance reeds that have been designed specifically to enhance the power delivery and response of Trial engines. Riders world-wide will have the ability to select from one of three new reed system product lines; each now designed to provide riders with the ability to tune their bike to their desired riding style, and to custom-tailor their power delivery and engine response characteristics. Boyesen's performance reed systems provide riders with a cost-effective and easy means to precisely tune their power delivery with a tiered selection of reed products starting with the OEM Replacement Upgrade Superstock Reeds, moving into our race-proven Power Reeds, and ultimately reaching the highest levels of performance with our new Trial-specific Carbontech Reeds.

Intake Control Starts with Superstock
Out-perfoms and costs less than stock OEM reeds.
Boyesen's new Superstock Reed is purpose-built to offer superior airflow, and reactivity to throttle inputs while at the same time offering excellent durability for a price that costs less than any stock or aftermarket reed on the market. Superstock Reeds are an amazing blend of economy and performance. With tensions that match OEM specifications, the Superstock Series is the first step to achieving an improved air intake system.

Dual-stage performance. More Power & Torque.
Patented design. Now optimized for Observed Trial motorcycles.
For 2012 Boyesen has redesigned the classic Power Reed for trials-specific applications. We have positioned it right between our Superstock and CarbonTech systems. The Power Reed now incorporates new beam petal designs that are more sensitive to rider inputs. We refined, we tested, and then we refined some more. We learned how to optimize our classic duel-stage reed for the very unique demands of Observed Trials. The new 2012 TR Series Power Reed is the next level in Trial-specific performance.

Perfect Transitions. More Power. Quicker, Lighter Revs.
At the highest levels of trials, you have to make a lot of choices when it comes to bike setup. The clear choice of champions is Boyesen's ultra-responsive Carbontech Reed System. Our Carbontech Series reed is a no-compromise reed that is designed, tested and painstakingly refined for maximal response and performance. Featuring Boyesen's proprietary X-Cross Carbon weave method, model-specific material tensioning, and the absolute highest-quality carbon available, CarbonTech Series reeds will exceed your expectations and help you ride a better, more precise line than ever before.
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For more than 30 years Boyesen has specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance parts to the power sports industry. The confidence instilled by Factory Race Team Research and Development partnerships bleeds all the way down to weekend warriors looking for the highest performing and longest lasting products on the market. Boyesen's tagline, "Leading Edge Performance", is recognized worldwide. From their innovative industry leading performance reeds, to their complete intake track System, Boyesen continues to consistently set the standard for performance and manufacturing build quality.
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