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Posted Date: 2010-04-10
Hot Bike Product Review: Twinshot
Simplified Tuning. Boyesen Engineering Twinshot
Boyesen Engineering, based in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, has manufactured products for motorcycles, snowmobiles, watercrafts and more since 1972. Founder and President Eyvind Boyesen aka the "Reed Man" is committed to offering innovative intake products for the powersports industry.

Recently, for the V-Twin market, Boyesen introduced the Twinshot (179.95), which replaces the stock float bowl on '92-06 Harley-Davidson CV40 carburetors and creates "a synergistic effect that will make the carb respond as if the bike was fuel injected. The combination of the 5 percent stiffer activation arm spring and the precision plunger rod ensures that when the throttle is turned, the plunger rod acts upon the diaphragm. This forces fuel into the dual sprayer and squirts a twin shot of fuel directly into the bore of the carburetor," according to Boyesen. The result: it eliminates throttle hesitation and bogging, which causes your carbureted system to simulate a fuel-injected system without the electronics.

The Twinshot unit is very easy to install, requiring basic tools that any enthusiast could do at home and didn't take much time to swap the stock float bowl out for the Twinshot. On a test ride we immediately noticed the snappier throttle response. As soon as we rolled back on the throttle the bike accelerated better than what we were used to. And when we take it up to the mountains, we can make on-the-fly adjustments to compensate for the elevation/air pressure changes.


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For more than 30 years Boyesen has specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance parts to the power sports industry. The confidence instilled by Factory Race Team Research and Development partnerships bleeds all the way down to weekend warriors looking for the highest performing and longest lasting products on the market. Boyesen's tagline, "Leading Edge Performance", is recognized worldwide. From their innovative industry leading performance reeds, to their complete intake track System, Boyesen continues to consistently set the standard for performance and manufacturing build quality.
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