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Posted Date: 2015-02-24
Boyesen SuperCooler: New for 2014-2015 Yamaha YZ 250F
The complete solution to eliminate potential of the Yamaha YZ 250F shaft failure.
Boyesen’s SuperCooler High Performance Water Pump System has been specifically designed to drastically improve engine heat reduction and more importantly, completely eliminates the known failure issues that Yamaha 250F owners are experiencing with the stock 2014 and 2015 impellor shafts. Boyesen’s SuperCooler is now available for the 2014-2015 Yamaha YZ 250Fs and offers the best quality, stress-tested hardened steel impellor shaft, designed with an exceptional attention to the quality of component tolerances between the shaft and the water pump drive gears. This attention to shaft design, material selection and tolerance quality are the cornerstones to eliminating the large number of stock shaft failure rates that have been reported by race teams and Yamaha owners over the past year.

Boyesen has developed the Yamaha YZ 250F SuperCooler system while working alongside the Canadian based, Rockstar Energy Drink/OTSFF/Yamaha Team to deliver the most durable and hydro dynamically efficient waterpump shaft assembly upgrade that addresses the failure potential for all 2014 stock waterpump impellor shafts as well as for the 2015 stock recall replacement part issued by Yamaha. This recall part remains a plastic component and does not compare to the durability found in Boyesen’s hardened steel shaft solution.

Internal engine heat, although needed for horsepower, is also extremely destructive to your engine if it is not managed properly. Internal-combustion engines burn fuel hotter than the melting temperature of engine materials. When an engine is operating out-of-balance with its cooling system's capacity, the internal temperatures often rise to levels that cause damage to the cylinder, piston, and valve-train components. If these parts become heated over the optimal operating upper limit range, component damage will begin to occur. Reduced to its common reasons for being essential in an internal combustion engine, cooling system efficiency can have a dramatic influence on the longevity of the internal working components of your bike's engine. These include the reduction of thermal stresses and strains caused by pre-ignition and detonation (particularly the latter), distorted cylinder bores, potential damage to pistons and rings, and damaged valve-train components.

The Boyesen SuperCooler solves the shaft failure issues, while also offering the most advanced cooling performance upgrade when compared to all replacement component options currently available in the marketplace.

The Boyesen SuperCooler will drastically reduce engine temperatures, which in turn will allow your engine to produce more horsepower and MAINTAIN that power output over the course of your riding. How does the SuperCooler achieve this? Hydrodynamics. Boyesen's investment-cast aluminum water pump cover has bigger water inlets, a sculpted design, no casting seams, less restrictive corners, a more efficient impeller and less coolant cavitation. Boyesen SuperCooler water pump cover and impeller kits are specifically designed to enhance the performance of your Yamaha’s engine's cooling system. These high-flow, hydrodynamic water pump kits have been tested and designed to flow more coolant. By increasing the flow, the engine will run cooler at a more constant temperature.

Features Include:
• Maximizes the engine cooling process providing more Horsepower resulting from lower engine temps. • Aluminum Impeller head saves weight and features patented hydro-dynamic impeller design. • Heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel shaft increases durability when compared to all other designs. • Improved Shaft comes as part of the complete High-Performance water pump system.

2014 Yamaha YZ 250F – Boyesen Part Number# WPK-37A
2015 Yamaha YZ 250F – Boyesen Part Number# WPK-37A

The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Boyesen SuperCooler is $189.95 (USD). The new Yamaha SuperCoolers are currently available in Silver Vein (WPK-37A) Black (WPK-37AB) and Magnesium (WPK-37AM), as well as the ever-popular Spectra Series Pearl White (WPK-37AW) and Spectra Series Race Blue (WPK-37AL).

The Boyesen SuperCooler is available at your local dealer or popular web retailers. If your regional dealership has chosen not to stock this product, Boyesen also makes it available for purchase at our webstore. Visit for more information, or to make your purchase.
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