Model Specific Designs Optimize the Beta Intake. Get the Best Power... All the Time!


Boyesen Engineering would like to introduce the all-new Beta RC2 Series Rad Valve, designed to increase overall horsepower and throttle response for the full range of Beta Offroad 250cc/300cc machines.


Part Number: RAD-94 (Oil Injection)

Part Number: RAD-94A (Premix)

NOTE: Either Pre-mix or Oil Injection can be used.


The new RC2 Series Rad Valve is Performance Optimized - tailor made to give the new 2013-2021 Beta 250cc/300cc engines improved roll-on transition from low to mid, and greatly enhanced mid-range torque. The performance goal for the new Beta engine platform further enhances the smooth and powerful engine performance delivery characteristics that are inherent in the new Beta engines. The RC2 Series Rad Valve multi-stage reed petal system has also been painstakingly developed and tested to increase throttle response and acceleration, while also broadening peak RPM horsepower output.

The Rad Valves seamless, one-piece, precision casting and continuous aero-form surfacing provide maximum flow velocities and instant, explosive movement of air particles the moment you turn the throttle. Standard equipment on each Rad Valve, Boyesen dual-stage model-tensioned carbon reed petals are designed to work specifically in conjunction with the Beta engine characteristic. The race-proven reed petals are integral to the Rad Valves ability to maintain timing with the power pulses of the Beta engine platforms. Your machine will gain maximum flow velocity across the entire RPM range, and at all throttle settings. Smooth. Sharp. Smart.


The ONLY performance system with aerodynamic internal surfacing.

The Rad Valves internal precision surfacing treatment eliminates all hard edges that interrupt the proper delivery of air and fuel. Because internal air turbulence is virtually non-existent, the proper air/fuel control is optimized for the characteristics of the Beta engine platform.


Model-specific reed tension for maximal response.

The Rad Valves Multi-Staged reed petal stacks feature Aerospace carbon material interwoven into tension combinations that maximize power delivery and peak horsepower. Boyesen engineers specifically tune the carbon matrix tension using a model-specific, carbon weave formula that is tested and optimized for each Beta model.


One reed petal is NOT enough!

The reed petals in modern 2 stroke engines take an incredible amount of abuse! At peak RPM reed petals are opening and closing hundreds of times per second. Over time, a single reed loses its ability to regulate flow rates in proper proportions. This causes a loss of reed petal reaction and reduces the consistency of peak horsepower. MS PLUS Optimization uses multi staged reed petals to distribute the engine’s pulse forces over more surface area. By using a multiple reed petal stack, it is possible to achieve peak horsepower AND durability. The patented multi-stage design incorporates a specially shaped top reed petal and a ported bottom reed petal. The top petals are lightweight and resilient for crisp throttle response at partial throttle or low RPM. The stiffer, bottom petal is ported to provide maximum flow and horsepower at higher RPM. The result: Full Spectrum horsepower and lightning fast response.


The most durable materials. The most lifespan.

The RC2 Series Rad Valve now features category leading toughening additives to increase reed petal lifespan by resisting breakdown from damaging agents found in fuel. This is done to ensure a long lasting seal between the petals and the intake tract time and time again, which results in more consistent horsepower for longer periods of time between general intake reed maintenance.


The MSRP of the Boyesen RC2 Series Rad Valve Intake System for Beta is $179.95 (USD).